Jessica Serene Resendez Welcomes You to join the movement! 2022 Yuba City School Board, 2024 United States Senator Of California!

Be The Change!

Jessica Serene Resendez is and has always been devoted to representing the people, that's what being a politician is truly about. 

      Our teachers do so much for our children, unfortunately not always treated with appreciation for all they do and sacrifice to ensure their students succeed. Jessica wants make supply resources readily available for all teachers, which will lower out of pocket expenses. When our teachers have what they need, our students will be set up to succeed! 

      Jessica also believes that our teachers deserve a living wage, they sacrifice so much of their personal time to their work. The least we can do is stand behind them, but we can do so much better.

      Healthcare is a basic human right and there shouldn't be a reason why all Americans can't have access to comprehensive care. 

      With millions of American families facing evictions across the Nation the time for change is now but change starts locally. Jessica truly believes that we can take back control from the corporate greed that is crippling our economy.          

      Jessica firmly stands behind finding a comprehensive gun policy. Jessica hopes to be an example that representing the people is truly the only way to achieve positive change! Please help her become your California United States Senator in 2024! If you can contribute, any amount will be appreciated. Thank you for your support! 🇱🇷 Please vist my merch store here!


The Issues!

Path towards a Better Tomorrow!

Medicare For All

Green New Deal

Housing For All

Racial Justice

LGBTQ + Equality

Reinvest in Public Education

Corporate Accountability And Democracy

Overturn Citizens United

The wealthy need to pay their share!

Remove corporate influence in politics

Gun Safety

Income Inequality

Free and Fair Elections

Fair Banking

Eliminating Medical Debt

Reproductive Healthcare


My Promise to you!

As your United States Senator for our great State of California, my focus will be lifting the residents up by advocating for their basic needs in terms of economic equity, housing, health care, and education. I am a leader that reflects the diversity of our population from my heritage as well as my life circumstances. Collaboration between residents and government officials is critical to solving the issues we face today. We need new leaders to step up with new ideas, Working class candidates will be more in tune to with the needs of our State. Members of my State express their need for financial assistance due to reduced work hours and layoffs.    
   I am a lifelong Californian from Sunnyvale. I graduated from Fremont High School in 2002, where I was a member of the marching and concert bands, during my time there I truly learned the benefit of teamwork and how together we can accomplish so much! My family moved often during my childhood due to the high cost of living.        

   I was not able to find a rhythm socially and academically due to changing schools so often. As an adult, I worked hard to support myself and do my best to help those around me everyday. I believe my ability to connect with people will be an asset as a Representative to our Great State, Financial stability is an issue for many of those who live in our State due to raising costs, lost jobs due to economic downturns, especially losing their jobs during these difficult times. Our residents need relief now. Many residents struggle to make ends meet wondering where their next meal may come from, how they will pay their housing costs, and how to afford other expenses they are falling behind on. I will fight to ensure they get what they need. I am a firm believer to help locally owned businesses thrive, when our Mom & Pop type businesses thrive we all benefit. 
 Healthcare is a basic human right and it is unacceptable Americans do not have access to comprehensive care. I will fight to accomplish this by working with our State Officials with hopes our State can continue to be an example for our Country. No matter what a person's economic standing they should be able to receive the same health care access as everyone else in our State. Senior citizens particularly need lower prescription prices and easier options to access those medications, there some home delivery options but we can do so much better.      
   I will push to ensure academic success remains a focus in our State. I believe when we educate our children, it not only benefits them, it benefits everyone in the State. I promise to always advocate for policies to truly benefit our residents. I believe every resident deserves their voice to be heard. It would be my honor to represent that voice and to fight to make our State better and lead by example. I believe we can build a better tomorrow with me as your United States Senator, We are all in this together!


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